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Our club members own and drive some of the best antique and/or classic vehicles ever to roll off an assembly line (or hand crafted by artisans). These vehicles represent a real cross section of some of the finest American and European vehicles ever to travel our roads over the past 100+ years.

 The 70's & 80's
Soaring gas prices, long lines at the pumps and the introduction of smaller and cheaper foreign cars clash with Detroit's "land yachts" and the stagnation they represented. Multi-national conglomerates now rule the industry.

1970Bronco 1970Jaguar 1970Olds 1970Olds 1971Mustang 1972Pontiac
1973Mustang 1973Triumph 1980GMC 1981Jeep 1982ElCamino 1985Chevy
1987ChevySuburban Bikes 1971Mavrick

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