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Our club members own and drive some of the best antique and/or classic vehicles ever to roll off an assembly line (or hand crafted by artisans). These vehicles represent a cross section of some of the finest American and European vehicles ever to travel our roads over the past 100+ years.

The 50's & 60's
This era really represents the height of America's love affair with the automobile. Longer, lower, wider, more powerful, and safety are key words used by auto dealers to move their cars. Although the some disdained the efforts of the car builders, more buyers enjoyed the introduction of factory "Hot Rods", thus beginning the "Muscle Car" movement and another big industry begins - Auto Racing.

1950Ford 1950Plymouth 1952Ford8N 1953Chevy 1953Ford 1954Packard
1955Mercury 1955Messer 1955Studebaker 1956Chevy 1956Ford 1956Jaguar
1956TBird 1957Chevy 1957Ford 1957Mercury 1967 Thunderbird 1958AHSprite
1959Chevy 1959Ford 1959Triumph 1960Triumph 1960Chevy 1961Corvette
1962TBird 1963Buick 1963Ford 1963Mercury 1964Corvair 1964Studebaker
1965AH3000 1965Chevy 1965ElCamino 1965Ford 1965Pontiac 1965Rambler
1966Skylark 1966Chevelle 1966Chevy 1966Dodge 1966Dodge 1966Ford
1966GTO 1966Mustang 1967Camaro 1968Corvette 1968VW 1969Chevelle
1969Firebird 1969VW 1966Thunderbird      

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