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Our club members own and drive some of the best antique and/or classic vehicles ever to roll off an assembly line (or hand crafted by artisans). These vehicles represent a real cross section of some of the finest American and European vehicles ever to travel our roads over the past 100+ years.

The 30's & 40's
America is recovering from the Great Depression and prosperity reigns. Automobiles begin to become not just means of transportation but status symbols and the representation of America's love of the open road. But soon, clouds of war and global conflict halt the growth of the industry. Returning troops and the yearning to shake off the war after 1945 fuel an explosive growth for car manufacturers.

1930Ford 1930Ford 1931Cadillac 1931Chevy 1931Chrysler 1931FordVictoria
1931Ford 1931Ford 1931Ford 1931Ford 1931Ford 1931Ford
31A PU 1931Ford 1931Ford 1931Ford 1933Dodge 1933Packard
1934Chevy 1934Ford 1935Auburn 1935Plymouth 1936Dodge 1939Plymouth
1940Lasalle 1947Dodge 1947Farmall 1947Ford 1947Hudson 1948Dodge
1949Ford 1947Buick        

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